Data as file

Easily mount any kind of data as a virtual file and access it transparently from all your Windows applications. It can literally be anything: files from other locations, stored locally or remotely in the cloud... Creativity will be your limit.

Access Control

Working in user mode has several benefits and access control is one of them. You can have complex and custom access checks even with multiple security layers if you want to.

Be safe

Dokan takes care of the hard stuff and you never have to go deeper into kernel mode. This means you can develop your driver safely without having to fear BSOD at any test. Dokan code is available online since 2007. While people came and left the code remains alive thanks to the open source community.

Driver. Don't.

When you want to create a new file system on Windows you need to develop a file system driver. Developing a device driver that works in the kernel mode on Windows requires highly technical skills.
By using Dokan, you can create your own file systems very easily without writing device drivers. Dokan is similar to FUSE (Linux user mode file system) but works on Windows.

Blue Screen of Death in Windows 10

User-mode API. As you like.

Dokan User-mode API provides functions to mount/unmount your driver and several callbacks to implement on your application to have a fully working user mode file system driver.

Additionally to the default provided C library, the API is also available for DotNet, Java, Delphi and Ruby.

FUSE Wrapper.

Dokan FUSE (Filesystem in Userspace) is a wrapper library that makes Dokan compatible with FUSE API. You simply need to rebuild your FUSE source code without changes with Cygwin/MinGW and link against the library to make it work on Windows. Now available by default in the main source repository and installers.

Projects. See it working.

Dokan is used in a variety of projects, a short list below.

Keybase A cryptographically secure file mount using PGP key.
Nodrive A confidential encrypted cloud storage.
DokanCloudFS Access to different cloud storage services as virtual driver (OneDriver, Google Drive, MEGA, ...).
MooseFS Fault-tolerant, POSIX-compliant, network distributed filesystem
Atmo O Inter & Intra document aliasing
Kortex Mod Manager Mod manager for various PC games.
yasfw Yet Another SSHFS for Windows
Shaman.Dokan.Warc Mounts WARC files (web archives) as FS.
Shaman.Dokan.Archive Mounts 7zip/ZIP/RAR files as FS.
fuse-nfs-crossbuild-scripts fuse-nfs for windows using dokany.
Dokan SSHFS SSH File System
MLVFS Magic Lantern Video File System
Win-SSHFS SSH with SSH.NET File System
RedFS Single File System
encfs4win Encryption File System
Opendedup CDFS Deduplication Based File System
Dokan NFC RFID / NFC File System
Ninefs 9p File System
WinUnionFS UnionFS-like File System
PeoneFS Pseudo Encrypted and Obfuscated File System
DiscUtils Image/Partition mounter using DiscUtils
ZFS-Win ZFS File System
FtpUse FTP File System
ChunkFS Chunked File System
CueMounter Cue File System
SrcDemo² Render smoother Source Engine videos, faster
xbox-iso-vfs Xbox ISO File System
... ...

Frequently Asked Questions

The Dokan Library project was originally created and maintained by Hiroki Asakawa from 2007 to 2011.
It has been maintained from 2011 to 2014 by the community with different fork.
Since 2014, the project is highly maintained by Adrien J. and Maxime C. with the fork Dokany and gracefully code signed by the company ISLOG.
Dokany is highly maintained since it starts. The community is growing and number of contributors (that we ) are also growing every day.
You can find a full list of supported operating system here.
Until version 0.7.4, Dokany focused to improve and fix Dokan 0.6.0 (by Hiroki Asakawa) without breaking compatibility. You can find the full change log here But in simple words: A lots of fixes, more stability and it is much more near of a real file system than ever.
It is ! There are still a few things `not available yet` and on the roadmap but these are well documented today on github so if you don't need it, you should be fine. If you do commercial products based on Dokany, please be sure to respect licenses and `be fair` if it becomes a success, it is always appreciated being supported for an open source projects.
The project is supported by ISLOG company which provide tools, driver certificate for releases, and other kinds of development materials. The project is used internally by our company so some features and bug fixes was developed at our business time, but the project is a personal initiative and mainly supported at personal time.

Support Us. Thank you.

Maintaining a Windows driver and its associated libraries requires time and specific knowledge (ok, as always). We focus on stability and improvement but any help (code contribution, testing, issues resolving ...) is highly appreciated.

Dokan reviving through Dokany fork is a personal initiative and we don't get money from it. If you're making a business based on Dokan or just enjoy it, please consider to support the real current developers using bounties. Alternatively you can also directly use Github Sponsor button. Be fair.

They already trust and sponsor Us.